Monday, January 24, 2011

How old were you when you first tooted your own horn?

Got some press clippings here for the "(Do The) Splendid Crown" 7". You can hear it at Most people don't like what you're into, but that's what makes you feel good anyway. If we may have a jerk in the woods here:

Hard to resist anyone named after an Edgar Broughton song, particularly one as
fetching as "Apache Dropout," and this Bloomington, Indiana trio is quite worthy of
attention. On top of a solid rock bottom, they create neo-garage structures so
flimsy it is constantly collapsing in on itself. Which is actually a pretty amazing
and nerve-wracking thing to hear.
-- Byron Coley, The Wire, April 2010

From a column on the best singles of the year:
First up this week is the ace debut single from Bloomington, Indiana's Apache Dropout "Do the Splendid Crown" b/w "All I'm Gonna Do is Laugh" on their own Magnetic South imprint. Naming yourself after an Edgar Broughton Band song is bold, but when you've got ex-members of John Wilkes Booze and Hot Fighter #1 among your ranks, your pedigree is already enough to carry it off without getting bottled. A-Side "Do the Splendid Crown" is buried in 18' of analog tape murk, yet their love of all things bombastically lysergic shines through in the lurching guitars, R&B-flavored rhythm and a perfectly plodding middle eighth topped off with a vocal so surprisingly suave Seth almost can't believe it himself. Flipside "All I'm Gonna Do is Laugh" is a slow-burner, a whiskey-soaked midnight torch song with a crest of rambling guitars and three lifetimes worth of redemption all crammed into four minutes. As if the fantastic tunes and ace cover art weren't enough, the single is in fucking mono! Single of the year? There's a damn good chance. Not a lot of distribution on this one outside of Bloomington, but if this sounds like something you need, and trust us, it is, then get at the band directly or bug your local record hole to try and grab some copies.
- Jason jakowiak, impose magazine

Vinyl debut from these Hoosiers, ex-John Wilkes Booze fella(s), they had a tape out last year that was pretty...murky sounding. Things are a bit clearer on this, yet still raggedly lo-fidelic. Two shots, "Do the..." is a drawly and unhinged take on classic Mid-American psychedelic rock, floating the same vibes as Golden Boys and that JW Coleman LP. Fuzzed-out, hard-edged and hard-drinkin', it's for dancing shitfaced and breaking bottles and even has a sneaky hook obscured in the haze. Flip is "All I'm Gonna Do Is Laugh" a hurt(ful) and lethargic number, not really a crooner, but definitely slow dance time, and again the participants will probably be drunk. Or alone and shuffling in circles under the disco ball after closing time. Hard livin' vocals pair up well with rising and falling guitar neck warping. Both sides of this have moments where they seem to go offspeed, making me check the tightness of the spindle hole or see if the needle was dragging, but it appears it's just a tape flaw left there intentionally, and it ends up enhancing the out-of-time and intoxicated mood. I repeat, for fans of Golden Boys, John Wesley Coleman and other practicioners of lysergic Americana, made by older guys who still like to get real fucked up. Recorded in mono/entirely analog and "no digital processing has been used" for those of you who like to know who's keepin' it really reel.
-Rich Kroneiss, Terminal Boredom

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apache Dropout Full Length

Our first full-length LP is coming out on Family Vineyard on March 29th!  Stay tuned for some record release shows in Indiana around that time.  If instant gratification is your thing, we've got the A Side of the LP available for free online.

In the mean time, we're booking a tour for April and May - let us know if you want us to play in your town!